Did you know most of my coaching clients are men?

Did you know most of my coaching clients are men?

When we first start waking up to the possibility of MORE in this life: presence, love, grace, abundance... we can feel alone. Unfortunately, our society does not prepare men to deal well with emotions--especially if they've been taught that what is beyond comprehension must be false/fake/unreal. Or if someone else doesn't get it, they're wrong.

This shaming leads us to feel less than and cause imbalance within our emotional spectrum: anxiety, anger, depression, apathy... or with broken hearts.

What I work on with my clients is to learn how to handle what's coming up, illuminate it through acknowledgement, and transform it if necessary.

Your feelings are real and what you're experiencing isn't fake. As one of my clients told me today:

"I have a lot of people in my life, but very few I can be honest with, no judgement. You are the few of the few."

Nothing's off limits, and I won't ask you anything I am not willing to answer myself.

If you've thought about a coach, or want to know what it looks like for YOU, let's chat. I always offer complimentary 45-60min phone dates to discuss how we can get you moving forward.