5 things every Witch and Wizard has in their Home

witch and wizard



1. Monochromatic Color Scheme


It's a lot easier to escape when you have a peaceful bed to jump into. Dark walls in rich charcoal, emerald green, regal plum purple... don't be afraid to saturate a bold color!


2. Plush and Tactile Textures 


What's more moody than rich, luscious fabrics and accents like velvet and sheepskin that beg for your attention? Indulge all of your senses--being present enhances your intuition.


3. Curiosities On Display

I once decorated with someone's old plaster mold of their teeth! Show off your quirky! Is there a deity you like? Travel art? Maybe a preserved butterfly? 


4. A FANTASTIC Accent Chair


A chair that hugs you in all the right places to curl up and escape the mainstream world. Pick a contrasting color if you want an invitational pop of color! 


5. Crystals and Plants


Great witches and wizards bring the outdoors in to replenish their connection to the natural world. Bring in a piece of selenite to keep your home vibes high and your plants healthy!


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