Client Testimonials

Tiffany is a magical creature with such a special gift! The astrological chart reading she provided for me was SPOT ON and so powerful! She told me that I would be like a snake shedding layers, and I literally saw a snake in real life hours later (which has never happened to me before!). I love how she was able to take the magic and mystery of the cosmos and deliver it to me in a way that was very accessible and practical for my life!
— Emily

"Tiffany is wise, warm, wonderful, and true transformational life coach!

During our first session her intuition quickly took me to a deep and magical place within myself.

I am amazed by all that shifted from just our first session together. I can't wait to work with her more!" 

- Leisha Davis

There are times in my life when I struggle with self-worth and remembering my own value. This darkness keeps me from fully expressing myself in the world and putting myself out there, both personally and professionally.   My session with Tiffany was by divine appointment.  She helped me to reconnect with myself and to get in touch with the my gifts and talents.  Tiffany helped me draw out what was already inside so that I could remember my own value and that, yes, I do have gifts for this world!

Working with Tiffany was a pleasure. She has a strong yet gentle presence.  I felt deeply seen and understood. She listened beyond the words I was saying and helped draw out what I could not articulate myself.  

Tiffany has a magnetic personality and she sparkles with joy and enthusiasm.  Thank you, Tiffany, for your presence and for helping me step more fully into my light.

- Amy Cope, Dream Expert

When I first starting working with Tiffany I was smack in the middle of a major transformation that had left me in a confused state.

Her intuitive guidance and powerful mystical connection propelled me out of the gray and into clarity that I was so craving. Her authentic connection and insights with the vibrational power of crystals also supported my continued growth and healing.

I can’t recommend her enough to anyone who is looking for someone to hold sacred space for them and intuitive powerful guidance to enhance their connection to their path.

~ Lindsey LeDuc,

Tiffany is an intuitive, creative, amazing coach who helped me identify and receive wisdom from my spiritual guides.  She has many tools, including the use of crystals, guided visualization, and meditation.  She is a powerful coach, who helped me to remember who I truly am inside.  Thank you Tiffany for your presence and your amazing energy!

~Cathryn Booth-LaForce

As a Transformational Life Coach, Tiffany (Hammer) so expertly sorted out the problematic aspects of my life and household, leading me to realize which areas I can work on and allow me the freedom I was needing.

~Mon Mondragon – Business Analyst -

"Tiffany has a great eye for design and a courteous, open-minded perspective. 

She is willing to take input from clients while also expressing her tastes in a constructive way, which creates a collaborative environment.

She has the ability to see and design a space to a wide range of tastes and people including corporate events, seasonal parties and special occasions, and even man caves.  Her talents are wide ranging and applicable to most any room and setting."

- Andrew

"I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on multiple occasions throughout the years. She has designed and decorated my last 3 apartments and has always created a sacred space that I can call home. She works closely with her clients to understand what is important to them and what type of energy the space needs to exude. Her eye for design and aesthetic is impeccable.

She is budget conscious, creative, and comes at her work with a holistic, loving lens.

She understands the importance of home and works feverishly to give her clients an environment that is not only beautiful but warm. I can't say enough good things about not only her approach but also her work. I'm looking forward to working with her again on my next place!" 

- Rebecca

"I appreciated how Tiffany collaborated with and challenged me and how she created and held the vision throughout the process to end up with fantastic results. I'm very happy!

It's streamlined and cozy at once!"

- Ginger

"I gasped when I saw the reveal.

I haven't been able to leave my office--it's such an inspiring place now.

And I never thought my bedroom could provide such respite and relaxation after my long hospital shifts. It looks so grown up!"

- M.S.