Coaching with Tiffany



Coaching with Tiffany is a minimum 6 month commitment. This is the “sweet spot” for coaching as you will see measurable difference in your life.

”I look back at these 6 months, and I almost don’t recognize the person I was then. Everything has changed for the better. I’m more positive, hopeful, and know how to handle life more gracefully. Tiffany consistently held space so that I could identify what I felt and feel empowered to make the choices to support my growth.” Mary, 28


Our contract together will include up to 4 sessions per month, around 45-60min. This is meant to be serious, mindful, dedicated time. These are done by phone, video chat, or in person. Depending on your openness, we will use crystals, meditation, mindfulness, sacred spaces, empathy, and emotional intelligence as tools to move you forward. Coaching is a wonderful way of enhancing your therapeutic arsenal. If you’ve “tried everything” and yet, your heart and soul craves more, maybe it’s time to try a new approach — coaching — so that you can move forward.

Areas I have coached:

Working in tandem with therapy Divorce. Relationship coaching. New business. Hoarding. Disordered eating/body image. Personal goals. Toxic work environments. Depression and Anxiety. Spiritual coaching. Crystal Healing.

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A 6 month coaching commitment is $1777, which averages to less than $75/session. My goal is to make coaching affordable and valuable for your progress.

I am also a big fan of being fiscally responsible, so I offer something a little different than most coaches:

You pay in full, the cost drops to $1555 (you save $222).

You choose a payment plan, and you pay on time, your final payment will include a $200 discount.