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I'm Tiffany C. Hammer and I am a crystal conduit, coach, and energy healer. One of my favorite pieces of advice is "Be mindful of the energy you bring into this space." As Tesla believed, I also believe that everything around us is energy--a reciprocity or exchange of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual balance. As such, if you are conscious, that is AWARE of the energy around you, you can conduct it and transmute it in a way that promotes healing, love, transformation, and authenticity in this word. 


I utilize skills of reasoning, intuition, and multi-dimensional emotional intelligence and empathy to connect and "read between the lines." Everything around us affects us on some level--I'm here to help you make sense of it and traverse the world more confidently, comfortably, and with the right amount of magic and synchronicity.

You are a co-creator with the Divine, capable of magnificent things. Let's make mindful progress in your home and life.

I am here to cultivate the good vibes and bring in the sparkle.

I live in Houston with Karl and my polydactyl cat, Digit. I have a Leo sun, a Virgo moon, and Taurus/Gemini rising. Most people feel refreshed and renewed after working with me. For me, it's the fire/air/earth balance. I just happen to have a healthy dose of watery (i.e. emotional) empathy and celestial connection.

It is my greatest joy to create magical spaces and move energy in the Universe for the greatest, highest good. We are all Love.


Interior Design, New York Institute of Art and Design

Master Transformational Life Coach, Seattle Life Coach Training

Certified Crystal Healing, Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

Post-Baccalaureate in Latin, CUNY

Bachelor of Arts with Departmental Honors in History and Spanish, Seattle University

Honor Thesis: "The Second Wives' Club: Second Wives to Kings in Medieval England," Seattle University, 2007

Best Paper Nominee, Regional: "Is Margaret of France Just a Trophy Wife?", Phi Alpha Theta, 2007