Surprise Yourself

With the return of sunshine and spring, my lament for not working out has shifted. Now, I look forward to playing! From hiking to running Greenlake, I am surprising myself at how easy it is to shift the begrudging voice to "wow I can do this!" Within two sessions at Greenlake I had already shaved 5 minutes off my first time, and after my first hike, I know it won't be as hard this week. That's the benefit:

It doesn't have to be this hard again.  

Now it's time for me to make the effort to do my part, the part I can control--my ability to try new things, keep it up, and of course continuing to Surprise Myself at the progress.

Of course, the first leap back to working out took almost a month of pep talking myself into it, and finally the noise stopped and I just "did it." I may have enjoyed a nice Ewok pre-roll before hand, and that's ok! I still went out and ran. I put on my headphones and tried.

The run was filled with synchronous surprises. It was a fun run for Brain Injury Alliance that day. On the eve of my 3rd anniversary of my own brain injury, this put a smile on my face to know how fortunate I am in my cognitive and physical functions. I felt more spry and grateful in seeing how many people were there participating and supporting their loved ones. Brain Injuries are no joke and take however much time they take to heal. Being positive and supportive, trying all creative options for recovery, and patience are all key to recovery and adjustment.

As I immersed myself in my run, noting where my body ached and hurt, I recognized that I wasn't belittling myself. Rather, I would say: "Ok, knee, I am noticing you and I will slow down and breathe intentionally more air into that part, but we got this ok?" Huge improvement. 

It's in these moments, I know I have integrated lessons from painful emotional experiences that I have previously experienced with my relationship with fitness and exercise. 

I slayed the dragons who kept me in an emotional cave of my own discouragement. Now, fitness is for me and by me. 

While I am not always out and active, it's become an activity that I deeply feel and notice its absence. My back aches and yearns and screams to tell me when I need to get "back on the horse" and I have been neglecting those concerned comments from my body for almost two months. I did it thought, and I surprised myself with improvement already.

Of course, what (doesn't) surprise me (because the Divine sends me all the messages I need to hear) was this gorgeous song and message within being the first song on my walk home:

I picked the opening lyrics to share, and I highly recommend indulging in his alluring vocals. These lyrics resonate with me on a vibrational level and speak luscious inspiring words to apply in anything you're working on creating. 

Speak and open up your mind
It's something you should do all the time
Keep exploring, seek and find
You know you might surprise yourself
Talk without a taint or hold
The doubts that should embrace your heart
The calm and chaos of your soul
You know you might surprise yourself.


Go the extra mile and surprise yourself, it's almost always empty, which means you can drift lanes, speed, slow down, and own that space for your own.  You do You. #ydy

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