Stone Story: St. Patrick's Day

There was a mystical energy about today. It was though St. Patrick's Day did encourage some jesting leprechauns to cast a twist. I was down right scattered and productive simultaneously this morning and still managed to flow with a very connected and authentic day.

I spent time thinking about wearing green this morning. It took me three outfit incarnations to finally settle, and I genuinely enjoyed the struggle because how could I not indulge in the simple magic of color energy? It's a holiday steeped in rich religious history and superstition, and I like to play with understanding the origins of these traditions even through playful celebration. Coupling playfulness with this deep current underlying, today was measuring up to be consciously revealing. 

positive graffiti

On my way into work, I had my hands filled with a bunch of heavy items. As I walked from my car into the shop, a couple of identifiably homeless young adults said good morning to me. It was a genuine greeting that I thought was refreshingly nice. They then asked to help me carry anything. No ulterior motives or disingenuous intentions. I was taken aback and reminded about how nice people can be. Later, as the day would go on, it would only go deeper and deeper in that acknowledgment.

In the early afternoon, I had a phenomenal conversation about race with a coworker today. One of those truly open hearted, safe and authentic dialogues.

These types of conversations remind me that we are evolving consciously towards being a more understanding and empathetic culture.

It gives me goose bumps in gratitude for being able to have this kind of conversation. It's vulnerable. It's real. It's someone's story. It is respectful to acknowledge, listen, and try to genuinely understand someone's journey. I adore these conversations because they speak to so many parallels about the race dynamics in this country, and the values of empathy. I am looking forward to how this conversation is a starting point for more neighborhood discussions at the shop.

Over the course of past week, I have become acutely aware of how my presence lends an energy which facilitates people opening up, often in vulnerable, emotional, and/or spiritual ways. In Texas, almost all of Karl's male friends were willing to share experiences of how they were feeling or what has really been on their minds. It follows a trend of about a month if I trace significant emotional conversations.

However, today was something more unexpectedly deep and complex. It took me by surprise.

green selenite

A customer was clearly having one of those days where it seemed nothing was going to make it better. I listened. I heard how she was feeling. And then, she opened up. Really opened up and let it pour out. She cried. Not dramatically in any fashion, but a sensitive release of repressed emotion. I felt honored that she cared to share so much vulnerability and her authenticity shined afterward. Being the hippie I am, I offered her a smokey quartz to hold to ground herself after the unexpected release of emotion. I watched her instinctively close her eyes, take a couple of deep breaths, and her shoulders drop gracefully. Her story was acknowledged today.

It was a miracle moment: a shift from fear to love. 

After holding space for a healing moment, I got a chance to share my vision and ideas. I got to have long conversations getting to know people, hear about their chapters they are currently writing.

Perhaps one of my favorite things to witness as a human being, and especially as a master transformational coach is the physical difference someone has while sharing something that brings them a revelation of joy or knowing.

It's this sparkly, golden lightness that shines through their expression and body language--blissfully airy and present. It's even more prominent and evident after a few coaching sessions. Imagine taking this casual encounter and adding in the intention of moving beyond or integrating an emotional/spiritual part of self. The radical ah-ha's are magical to observe and help co-create. 

What the story of today was the power of open acknowledgment, allowing someone the ability to just be their self by listening to their experience. It is also about sharing something you are interested in or passionate about, something that you wish to share openly about your story. I believe this form of communication breeds more authenticity and empathetic connection--energy that we, as a community, could use a little more of.

Through sharing our own vulnerability, we allow our selves to be open to connection and to consciously integrate our new perspective on that story. It's a healing practice of self love and awareness. 

lemurian seed crystal


Today I was rocking a number of crystals (Phenacite with Seraphinite, lepidocrocite included quartz, and Super 7). What I am really feeling though is Lemurian Seed Quartz. It's revealing the core value of love and interconnectedness and I dig it.