Spiritual Synchronicity: Openness to Possibility

Last Thursday, I drove to Lake Stevens to do an introductory coaching session for a client. I was already early, and with an requested delay of another half hour, I thought to myself it would be great to sit at Starbucks and enjoy a coffee while I waited.

After what felt like 10min of roundabouts and looking for the Starbucks that isn’t in a grocery, I parked and went into the bustling coffee shop. I was actually struck by how hoppin’ the place was at 10:30 in the morning. Who knew? I ordered my coffee and a breakfast sandwich and found a table that was surprisingly vacant. To get settled, I pulled out two of the crystals I have been working with, tarot decks, and my journals with the intention that I would do a one card reading for myself to post on social media. Almost as soon as I unpacked my Mary Poppins bag, the woman at the adjacent table excitedly asked: “Do you do card readings?!” I was in my own world so I felt a little blindsided by her eagerness. I replied “Yes I do,” with a smile. She begins to tell me just what wonderful timing it was that I sat down because she and her friend were just talking about tarot readings and psychics (not a usual conversation between them, and unless you’re me, I suspect you may not have this conversation frequently either ;).

Between her happy tone and the intention I set for the day to experience Divine appointments, I knew to offer her a 1-card reading.

I don’t mind when curious neighbors at coffee shops ask about my rocks or cards, but typically I don’t offer a reading in that moment to a stranger. This day was different, I was open and had the time.

While she moved to join me at her table, she couldn’t explain enough just how much of a serendipity and happy random encounter this was for her.

I expressed how much I also love those moments where it all flows together, like thinking about a song you wish the radio would play and it happens to be the next song. Or, when you are thinking about someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile and they call the same day.

These moments are called synchronicities and they bring me a lot of joy.

Somehow these experiences feel better than a random encounter, more meaningful in that they seem to ignite my intuition and say: “Pay attention.” I asked her which deck she felt most drawn to--my personal fave “The Wisdom of Avalon” by Collette Baron-Reid. I explained the process: think about an open-ended question or situation she would like more clarity about or guidance on while I shuffle. As I shuffle a card “jumped” from the deck and I knew that was an additional message for her, despite it not being the card she picked yet. I finish shuffling and instruct her to pick one card anywhere from the three piles before her. Then, we jumped in.

My reading with her unfolded naturally and offered deep insight. I could see how she lit up when she would say: “how do you know that?!” or that “Oh my gosh, yes! I have been thinking about that!” Using the Avalon/Celtic based symbolism on the cards as guidance and my intuition to draw out the right message from the cards, we had a meaningful reading. It is my belief, as well as many others in the coaching profession, that every appointment is a lesson not just for the client but also for me.

The messages that unfold over the course of a session always have a relevant application to my life, and this experience was no different.

When I come from that understanding, I can serve who’s in front of me with insight that they, on some level, have been craving to hear. And, it usually delivers a message back to me to apply to my own current situation. It’s a wonderful reciprocity of connection from a seemingly “random” encounter.

This reading touched her, even sharing some much needed tears with me. While some of you may think this sounds dramatic, it wasn’t. Rather it was delicately, refreshingly vulnerable.

Vulnerability is an expression of our deepest authenticity, and when someone shares that with me, I am filled with gratitude that they feel comfortable sharing their revelation. For me, it reminds me of how much power there is in sharing our stories and gifts with the world. When we are open to connection, like both she and I were that day, those experiences build bridges over disconnection and break down the walls that keep us isolated form one another.

After the reading was over, I sat and chatted for a little while longer. It was fun and friendly conversation. I gave both she and her friend my cards, and went to my next Divine appointment--my coaching session (which also was a meaningful encounter).

A few minutes ago, I received a text message from the woman at Starbucks saying that the reading for her was a huge shift. It helped her and husband connect better, and that she heard the message from the reading and is actively working on the things we discussed. I wasn’t sure I would hear from her again, and it’s even better I did. I love hearing how much the 30min experience for her created such momentum in her life.

Call it spiritual, call it Divine, call it life or the Universe, use the word you feel most comfortable with and recall the last time you experienced what I described as synchronicity. It might be time to open yourself to possibility.

With love and wishes for possibility,

Tiffany C. Hammer

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