Why I LOVE Crystals, and how I got here

My Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Healing

I have always been curious about the Unknown, and alternative divination. In junior high, I read voraciously about aromatherapy and dabbled in Wicca with friends. The New Age Spirituality section at our local Borders was my favorite, with bundled tarot cards and stories of magic. I wanted to understand the world beyond my current perception, and explored new ways of thinking outside of Christianity. I grew up in a Lite Christian home, meaning we said "I love you and God Bless" before bed and when visiting the extended family, participated in Sunday School or Services.

There was something more alluring about understanding the intersection of Belief and Nature. 

As a child, I wandered the dense forest, climbed trees, and picked up glimmering rocks. I had conversations with frogs and owls. Everything in those woods around my parents house made me believe that I was not alone and was connected to All-That-Is. I spent my later teen and young adult years, searching for connection. Any of kind of connection really, so long as it was of my own creation. I finally had a true social life, with guy and gal friends, dates, and late nights, but what I missed was my own authentic curiosity.

Then, what feels like overnight, that insatiable curiosity returned with a passion to reconnect myself to my open-mind and open-heart.

What began in childhood as a Seeker, evolved into an exploration of my own spirituality and consciousness. This exploration is the most satisfying and ceaseless understanding of all the things! Years ago, I visited a Reader in San Diego and my experience with her was life-changing. Not in the sensationalized, big neon sign "LIFE CHANGING", but more of the variety that my journey will no longer be the same. She helped me get Grounded and Present for the first time in my adult life, worth every penny of the session just for that really, and revealed secrets about my Shadow Self in which I had never dared to utter aloud to ANYONE. In that 60min, moment after moment, I connected to the part of myself that had long been neglected and often shamed into banishment.

This profound moment in time, and the magic she shared with me that day is the type of empathy and emotional intelligence I connect with as a Coach and Interior Designer.

I asked my Reader how she learned to do what she did and she explained that anyone can learn how to align with their Self, so long as they are willing to try and practice. She runs a crystal shop, and following that session, I picked up my first few crystals because that girl who believed in connection with Nature and the world around her awoke that day. Tibetan smokey quartz, covellite, and astrophyllite were the first in my collection. Jealous that I had to leave and return to Seattle unable to take her meditation workshop, I couldn't stop reflecting on what I just experienced. On a lunch break, I walked to an Eastern Imports store and browsed the meditation books section. I picked up "Your Aura and Your Chakras" by Karla McLaren. Regretfully, I judged its cover for its New-Agey mandala, but I flipped it open anyways. Reading a few pages, I enjoyed how simply and emotionally intelligent she explained meditation. She made it so simple to understand. As I still practice today, it's not about sitting in silence, absent of thought which is almost absurd sounding to me.

What meditation is about is focusing on your breath and just that. If an errant thought shows up, simply acknowledge it and dismiss it for after the meditation is finished. 

Of course, when I returned to the office to call San Diego for her own book recommendations, she couldn't recall the title, "but there's something about a rose meditation and the author is Karla McSomething." Sure enough it was the EXACT book. I was on the right track. 

Reading this new book and reading everything I could about my new rock friends, my life seemed to unfold more clearly in front of me. I became an avid collector and student of crystals.

I had a rediscovered Self Awareness where I was starting to look at my emotions, behaviors, and how I was showing up in the world. And, what my perception of the world around me was. 

Crystals are one of the easiest ways to bring more magic to your life.

They are also one of the least intimidating ways to cultivate that magic and understand yourself better. First off, there thousands of different types, colors, shapes and sizes--so there's a high likelihood that you can find one that you resonate with. Whether it's because it's pretty, or you like the way it feels, or having it on your desk or nightstand makes you happy, it's uniquely up to you. That's their additional beauty. What you will find is that whatever you are working on, whether that's a professional goal, a relationship, or a spiritual connection, crystals are magnets for helping you keep your vision and clear the fogginess of what's no longer necessary. They are a visual reminder of the journey you are on, as special and unique as you are. 

For me, crystals have given me clarity on the type of person I wish to be in this world. It's why I am a teacher to help people strengthen and deeper their personal relationships with Self. Crystals can also be used for divination for what you are wanting more of, clarity on, or better understanding with. I teach workshops on the basics of how to get started with these allies, and also offer crystal advising with a 30min coaching session so that we can identify what crystal may best serve you at this point in your journey--emotionally, physically, or spiritually. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my story. I share it with open hearted gratitude. Don't miss out on my upcoming crystal workshop!