Color Crush August: Welcome to the Bungalow

It's official, I'm craving PEACH! Since deciding to move to Texas, I have been inspired by southwestern culture, desert magic, and natural textures/fibers. Combined with all the amazing thunderstorms here, I see peach as a rejuvenating color.


For August, there's so much fire energy in the air this month (thanks to two eclipses, Mars in Leo, and a Mercury Retrograde) peach seems to temper the flames and stoke intimacy. There's a range of versatility with this color from soothing to energizing. 

I picked three main paint colors from my Designer Kit by Sherwin Williams: Honey Blush (SW 6660), Jovial (SW 6611), and Youthful Coral (SW 6604). 


I once had a trusted psychic tell me that Peach was the color of Love. Many years later, after Interior Design school and learning about the chakras, I enthusiastically concur! Peach is a color that blends our Sacral, Solar, and Heart chakras. On the orange end of the spectrum it's passionate, on the yellow side it's creative and playful, and on the pink side it's connected and loving. I believe that this color deeply resonates with our Collective Higher Consciousness and Divine Love.

In the past year, I have worked with clients to bring in peach into their homes to create a nurturing environment. A bedroom improved from flat and stagnant to gently enthusiastic. Another client isn't afraid of color and already had existing blues, greens, and oranges accents in her bedroom, so peach complimented and brought cohesion to the space.

You can also use peach as your POP of color! Look at this rug from which has become this client's favorite part of their whole remodel. Or in a seaglass blue bathroom it's refreshing. Even coordinating it with pinks and saturated blue hues bring out this color's power!

If you're ready to reinvigorate the energy in your home, consider a Color Consult with me. This service will help you connect to what your intentions are for your home and can be done virtually!

As your interior designer Rock Queen, I will share with you my favorite stones to work with and balance peach energy.

What to Rock:

Peach Morganite belongs in your bedroom. It's passionate, sexually invigorating, and helps you feel into your sensual body. It could also be great for a playroom where creativity is key.

Green Apophyllite I recommend for living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms. It's such a nurturing and calming stone which stimulates heart-centered connection. What better places than the spaces you want welcoming energy?

Celestite is my go to for the bedroom. Why? Because celestite is an angelic harmony stone. Placed by your bedside it helps to clear your emotional and spiritual bodies' energy which leaves you feeling rested and uplifted every morning. For me, it has the most relaxing and tranquil vibe.