What are Stone Stories?

As I continue to grow my business offering crystals for the home and healing, I have an overwhelming sense of gratitude to connect special pieces that impact the lives whom the crystals go home with. It is my intention for this blog series, "Stone Story", to reveal an intimate and vulnerable story about an experience I have had with a specific crystal or stone. I believe that, if we pay attention, there are huge miracles and shifts that occur when we knowingly and intentionally let crystals into our personal space. These shifts help release old emotional, physical, or spiritual patterns--even trauma--and bring it to the surface so that we can finally learn: understand, heal, and integrate the wisdom we learn from these lessons. 

These Stone Stories will be a way for me to share, personally and intuitively, what I have learn from my rock friends, and why it's meaningful on that deeper, cosmic level. In the years I have worked with crystals, my life has completely changed. There have been major changes like job changes, loss, relationship endings, and big breakthroughs. Particularly, these big breakthroughs can be deceptive from an outsider's perspective. Often the big breakthroughs come in the form of undertaking something new or completely different, following your intuition, encouraging yourself to be better, and basking in every tear that rolls down your cheek because in order to feel more authentic, confident, safe, loved, and successful these lessons must be acknowledged, learned, and appreciated for the evolved journey it brings. 

I am unsure, as of today, how frequently I will write these, and I am open for people to suggest a stone as well. Each stone and crystal I have in my collection is one that has taught me a significant and valuable lesson, often in many incarnations and chapters. I recall each of these definitive moments with an empathetic freshness because I believe these chapters have laid the foundation for me to connect deeper and with a joyful authenticity with myself and to those around me.

It's delicious to feel the sparkle of a day lived in total authenticity! 

Even the deeper reflection stones, with emotional lessons to grieve and process, brought clarity about short and long term behaviors and beliefs. I share these stories to connect myself more authentically in the world, offer empathy and understanding, and to demonstrate the power of vulnerability and self-awareness. My favorite philosophy from transformational coaching is that each client is uncovering a lesson that is revelatory for your client and yourself. It's true for coaching, and it's true for life. The more you observe and have a willingness for learning from each human encounter, the more you comprehend your own sense of self and the important, ripple, cosmic connection that it has with the fabric between you, me, and everyone else. We are all in this together, no matter where we are on our path. What I know for sure is that the more we take the time to uncover and rediscover who we are authentically, the more we cultivate and encourage togetherness, optimism, and empathy. I am happy to live this life and after so many detours, flat tires, and road blocks, each one I encounter now becomes less and less a nuisance. These are my lessons, and take it or leave it. It's my experience and I believe it's important to share any lesson learned. That's the gift I would like to share: it's a lot easier to be happy and conscious.