Attitude of Gratitude

As your personal coach, I will ask you to keep a gratitude journal or create a daily gratitude practice.

Acknowledge 3 things you feel grateful for.


At first it can feel a little odd is to actually take the time to do it. It gets easier, and will become a simple pleasure.

I encourage this as part of our work together is for good reason:

You reset your brain.
Through regular expression of what you are grateful for, you train your brain to see what you consider good.

Your brain learns to identify opportunities, and the light in the darkness.

When I went through post concussion syndrome, I had to learn to work with my brain, not struggle against it. I researched brain and mental health as a way to come to acceptance with my bicycle accident. All the new research that we know now are the raves and measurable difference mindfulness and meditation makes on brain health.

For years, this has been an instrumental practice which has made me a happier person. It's helped me confront my depression. I am much more emotionally stable and less dramatic. My practice isn't perfect. I write it down some days, and others it's talking to Karl at night when I ask him: tell me something good.

As a coach, I've seen this practice help people come back to center. Feel more appreciative of what they have so that they feel comfortable to ask for more. It's stabilizing.

It strengthens your throne, and your presence.
And it shows the Universe: GAME ON. <3