What's been on my mind and in my work: Addressing Ancestral/Inherited Wounds


I've been recently reflecting a lot on ancestral wounds and epigenetics: how our experiences are carried through us not just spiritually but encoded in our DNA.

What your mom and grandma and great-grandfather went through, traumatic or unhealed, can literally change and evolve in your own DNA structure. Crazy, right?

I think about how my grandfather must have felt coming to America. Or how my great grandmother married a much older man and lived in a tent with 12 children during the depression.

When you do you're brave enough to acknowledge what experiences have shaped you, or have shaped your kin, you start to see where there's opportunity to love and heal.

Your experiences may not have been your fault, but it is your responsibility to heal them.

How I see crystals opening people up is not exclusive for the millennial generation or younger.

I see crystals awakening older women and men, 55+ years old, reconnecting to this sense of spirituality that literally couldn't fit into older paradigms, or was dismissed, belittled, or downright heretical.

This excites me because as older generations become more open and willing to embrace the intangible, the "impossibility" they are not only healing their own experiences, but concurrently, they're healing us too.

The ebb is causing a complete smoothing, integration of all these timelines that once were into a woven tapestry of more love, kindness, compassion, empathy, and magic.

Time isn't linear -- it's holographic, folding in and tesseracting shifts.

Crystals don't merely exist in the physical dimension, they are actually vibratory and thus transcend time-- a portal of possibility to when that wound was first planted. When you do crystal work, you are tapping into all the frequencies of the Universe.

In that regard, the possibilities for healing and abundance are endless.