Polarity Consciousness & Crystals

Everything in this dimension is a polarity.

Bouncing between each side, sometimes hugging the post with a ferocious magnetic grip.

In order to understand how to balance, or flow somewhere between the opposites, you’ve got to learn both sides.

For the amount of light you know, you know an equal amount of darkness. They can’t exist harmoniously without the energetic pull of its counterpart.

I’d argue the amount of tough you are, you are soft, kind, or tender hearted.

You may not always be aware or conscious of this degree or relationship, but it exists in literally everything. The same energetic spectrum is between “capital M” Masculine and “capital F” Feminine .

The poles are partners, which weave complexity and wisdom from the lessons it’s learned from and healed.

Autonomously or collectively, we all have our own polarities comprised of the life we’ve lived or have been given. When you starting looking at the sides, you can start to understand how you relate to the other or what the journey ought to be.

Is it in balance?
Is it a lesson that needs more healing?
Is it fluid, dynamic? Stagnant?
Is it the result of privilege (not necessarily your fault)?

Crystals are an instrument which can reveal what these polarities are for yourself. You’ll be drawn to just the right thing. It happens 99% of the time!

Some of the crystal polarities I’ve learned:

Aragonite: anger<>sadness
Moldavite: Starseed<>Earthly Origins
Lemurian: Old<>New
Lapis: beholden<>sovereign
Citrine: joy<>apathy
Ocean Jasper: wonderment<>reclusivity
Chrysocolla: mute<>communication
Rainbow Moonstone: emotional intelligence<>intellectualism

This is such a small list, and I could go on and on and on about other crystals and what they weave, these were just a few that kickstarted in my mind.

How YOU learn to be in this world is yours sovereign dance with the Mystery. I’m here to witness your transformation.