{the healing power of storytelling}

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I've been watching in tasteful morsels the latest season of Queer Eye. I loved the original (Kyan, my fave) and I love this incarnation as it goes deeper in revelation. I want to indulge in every story and every emotion. I want to linger in these lives.

What I see in the power of this show is what I see when I see people sharing their own stories. It's refreshing. It can feel a bit "personal". It invites people a little closer. It seeks connection.

In an increasingly divisive climate that we've been thrown into on social media, storytelling interrupts the discord. As humans we are social creatures and that means we wish to be seen (and accepted) -- as we are.

A large part of what I do is listen to people tell their stories. While details are not identical, the similar themes bleed through the same human veins.

We all have our baggage -- or as I would like to invite you to view it as your story.

When we heal these stories you release the emotions that tie you into the experience of that story, when you no longer feel beholden to the hurt and anger. This is when sharing is the most potent medicine in connection. It doesn't have to be super public, it can be to a friend or loved one.

By sharing, you become a catalyst for potential healing. This form of connection is most needed now: authentic expressions and perspectives.

Because...literally we all have "it", some shameful secret in our lives or families. What's most damaging is when these stories become burrowed they can harm us.

It's why I speak openly of the mental illness and addiction that runs in my family. Decades ago, no one could speak out about this. Now, I have to or it will continue to kill us. Sharing my "woo" stories is other way I wish to make connection and share the exploration of something magical!

It's no surprise to me, sadly, that suicide rates amongst teens, young adults, and particularly effecting men, are rising. Demonstrating vulnerability and openness may be "soft", and it is a strength. Social media isolation is just as real, so if you're called to share, do so. If you don't want to or don't feel you have a story to share, interact with the stories you do see told.

Storytelling helps heal (on allllll levels). 
Storytelling helps save lives.

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