Today, I literally talked to a friend while she was laying on the floor...

… with a crystal on her forehead.

The energies we are going through right now are A LOT: there’s a couple retrogrades, crazy making news...

Here’s what I’m hearing from you (outside of explainable symptoms, like a cold or normal levels of anxiety, for example):

✨ a sense of overwhelm or a newfound sense of expansive energy, it feels like “a lot” (whatever that LOT feels like is personal)

✨ disruption in food consumption (voracious or uninspired)

✨ kind of like ungrounded, but not necessarily ungrounded, maybe just drifted or kind of attached, unsteady foundation

✨ peaks and valleys of the emotional spectrum

✨ synchronicities galore or an insatiable desire to connect authentically

✨ I have personally been feeling like a floaty headedness with vertigo type feeling, like I’m not totally just in this dimension



Especially for those of us who are sensitive, empathic, and/or currently growing, remember your body is acclimating to frequencies always. This means in your physical body too.

Sometimes, just listen. If your body is begging you to slow down, and you’re having the feels, then: stop, look, and listen. The more urgent or obvious the sensation, the more seriously you should take it.

Even if you have to carve the time, butchering plans, you’ve got to listen to your soul and prioritize that time. Integration is a process.

There are a lot of cosmic and celestial frequencies pouring in IN ADDITION TO your humanness and the work you’re already, doing.

Go with the currents. Ground them.

My intuition is telling me these frequencies are a reflection of the changes brewing. There’s a new energy incoming. As mammals, we are sensing it, and I believe their is an ancient wisdom we can learn from. It’s a new/old sort of thing. 🙂

I’m “prescribing” loads of lemurian quartz and whatever your fave stone is for the “too muchiness”: kunzite, sugilite, black tourmaline, selenite, lepidolite, howlite, Smokey Quartz, etc.

jumbo lemurian and golden healer.png