{Pleasure & Productivity}


Here's a sensual secret for you: pleasure increases productivity.

What? Why? How?

In this dimension, this physical plane, at this specific time here on earth, there's one thing that is VERY human: money. It doesn't exist relevantly anywhere else. You can't take it with you when you die, what good is it there?

As specifically tied to this realm, it's thus tied to physical human chakras: the root and sacral. These seats of our physical body are related to our groundedness, the foundation to feel steady and ready, as well as our human expression of emotion through creativity and human intimacy.

So how can you fuel or boost your ability to create and connect, to feel entirely worthy of abundance?

Cultivate and nourish your connection to these pleasure centers. You'll become wholly embodied. Your focus becomes present, open, and delightfully ready to receive what will bring you pleasure elsewhere.

As I was discussing this morning, visualize your grandest desires about money: goals, "the why", and the feelings you wish to have while you experience pleasure.

Take time to feel yourself, literally, and the pleasure of success.

Cement it into this density as you moan in delight.

There's magnetism when your root and sacral chakras spin, alive.
It makes you entirely a force of alignment, assured that what you want "turns you on" not just sexually, but also in your sense of taking action afterward to make those dreams and feelings reality.

self pleasure.jpg