{let's talk about anxiety and anxiousness}

Lepidolite is great for anxiety because of it’s naturally high lithium content.

Lepidolite is great for anxiety because of it’s naturally high lithium content.

My approach to emotions is actually quite logical even if that seems illogical because they're "sensitive." I believe emotions are useful in providing information that must be considered because it's being felt, so bringing some logical mindfulness to it can help you learn the scale of your own emotions. Here's an example of how I approach emotions with clients.

Many of you have been feeling this wave of anxiety over the past month, for a variety of reasons. I believe that it's individualized as to how YOU experience anxiety, but I also observe that there's an air of anxiety effecting many of us collectively.

Have you seen the recent headlines about professional burnout? We can't continue without taking better self-care -- it's the ultimate preventative wellness you can take. I'm familiar with anxiety from mild flutters and nervousness to full-on panic attacks. It's a spectrum-- and anxiety can be contagious if it's not cared for.

Every emotion has a breadth of information in what it is communicating. For Worry and Anxiety there's an emphasis on focus and completion.

There are gifts in anxiety (adopted by Karla McLaren in Art of Empathy):

Foresight. Focus. Conscience. Procrastination warning! Task completion.

Anxiety can be experienced in a few different states:

Soft state: helps you become more aware and where your focus is needed.

Mood state: more inconsistent -- it can feel like a time crunch or you may experience hyper focus and energy. You are more activated and because of the strength of this mood you can feel snappy. Mood states are where your emotions are perceived by you and others.

Intense state: this is when anxiety gets stuck in a feedback loop, externally or internally. This is where you anxiety is supercharged where you feel dizzy or overwhelmed by what exactly needs your attention. Want to get off the ride? Want to get back to clarity?

In the mood and intense state, anxiety should be addressed. Anxiety is here to help you organize and plan, so that you can complete your tasks. Yes it is related to fear, often fear of the future, but they're here to orient you to the possibility of upcoming change.

What can you do? Anxiety needs action and acknowledgment. Trying to ignore or dismiss it will only allow it to fester.

Empathetically turning towards anxiety *works* --you can't fix a problem without knowing what the problem is. So let's face it, and give it some conscious questions:

What triggered this feeling?
What really/actually needs to get done?


Take a few minutes to calm yourself or get yourself in a calm state, and consciously probe and question this emotion from a logical perspective. The goal with anxiety is to identify what actions to take.

Is this anxiety mine or someone else's?
What upcoming tasks need my attention?

What organization would feel so much better? (this can be physical manifestation: closets, your kitchen, your car...)
What is within my control?
What action can I take to help alleviate this feeling and take power back?
No matter how "small" the action.

If you're feeling like identifying anxiety or experiencing anxiety is T O O M U C H, reach out. With big emotions, requesting support from those around you can be instrumental for you moving through it, and it builds trust with who you ask.

Any action towards acknowledging what your anxiety is telling you brings you back to balance. Address anxiety on whatever level it's manifesting.

Physical: support the physical symptoms

Emotional: allow yourself time to let it all out.

Mental: prioritize the *needs* and the not so pressing.

Spiritual: get on your meditation pillow and ask the Universe what's missing

I know this is a long post, and anxiety is prickly, but even cactus blooms. I appreciate you taking care and time to read the whole thing. Tell me: how are you feeling? How can I support you?

If you've read this far because you're feeling anxiety or anxiousness, would you like a card drawn to help give you a new perspective?

What to rock: Lepidolite, Black Tourmaline, Kunzite, Aragonite, Blue Chalcedony, and Blue Calcite

Blue Chalcedony: a soothing, calming balm to find clarity and communication

Blue Chalcedony: a soothing, calming balm to find clarity and communication