Tarot Reading, 60-75min


Tarot Reading, 60-75min


What feeling or experience would you like clarity on? 

What are your guides and angels telling you?

Pick from your choice of tarot or oracle card deck and spend an hour consulting the wisdom of the cards. I call on your angels and guides to assist with the session and tap into my psychic intuition to reveal and clear any energies present. 

Following the hour long session you will feel uplifted, more present, connected and steeped in magic.

As one client said: "Your reading really cleared some negative stickiness and I am so grateful!!"

You also receive an email from me afterwards with two pages worth of notes and further insight from the cards since there's often more messages than 60 min can handle!

As always, I offer complimentary follow up to support you. 

**For every reading booked, I will donate a portion to Hurricane Harvey relief.

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