Monthly Crystal Kit Subscription

Monthly Crystal Subscription.jpg
Monthly Crystal Subscription.jpg

Monthly Crystal Kit Subscription

from 25.00 every month

You’ve asked, I’m delivering! I mean, don’t you want a sparkly surprise every month?!

Each month, starting June 10th, you’ll receive a crystal kit with 3 or more crystals intuitively selected by me, Tiffany C. Hammer! I make choices for the crystals each month based on the energy in our Collective Consciousness, astrology, and my crystal healing client trends.

In each kit, you’ll receive information about each stone, as well as ideas or questions to consider about your new crystal friends.

The intention for these crystal kits are to create an inter-personal-web of crystalline connection! Each piece selected with love and the hope that the crystals support your growth, connection, and heart. I wish this world to explore more magic, wonder, and whimsy, and this kit is meant to be an invitation to explore the world more openly and playfully.

Upgraded Option:

You’ll receive everything in the monthly kit: 3 or more stones

A description of each crystal
An additional meditation to connect with the stones

Information about why those specific ones were selected: giving you a peek into my personal process for crystal healing!

Premium Option
Everything in the Upgraded Option, AND an additional larger stone for display or palm stone!