Crystal Awakening

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Crystal Awakening


Y'all I'm getting something juicy dropping in… this webinar is going to be different.

This is a new way of connection and using crystals --

I've always thought of "unlocking" the crystals,
and there's still this codex inside,
and your ability to access the wisdom within, which is still there. However,

a whole new dimension for crystalline connection...

Honey, what if you AWAKEN them?

How would that change how you see and use crystals?
What more could you experience and learn?
Because, seriously this is some multi-dimensional magic

In this webinar, you’ll learn why and how you awaken your crystals. You’ll be guided through the process, learn the steps to do so on your own, and I’ll be available to answer any questions and offer coaching!

Once purchased, you will receive a Zoom webinar link for April 21st’s call at 1pm CST and you’ll receive a download of the live call for replay.

Hope to see you there!

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