Mid-20s Male Bedroom

Master bedroom + Bath in 3 bed apartment

When I met Brian, I was immediately welcomed with open arms into his home. He was excited to show off his apartment that he shares with his two roommates. The apartment is expansive, with waterfront views that overlook the Madison Park beach. It's a diamond in the rough rental for the Seattle market. Brian is fun, playful, outgoing, confident, and one of the genuinely nicest people I have met. He was eager to transform his room into a place that reflected where he was in life--financially stable, fantastic apartment, and enjoying every moment. What I saw was a man living in a frat house on the water, not the fashion-forward, humorous man I knew. I saw hand-me-down furniture, mismatched bedding thrown together through the years, and a spectacular, contemporary record collection sitting dusty on the closet shelf. 

As we got to know each other better, I learned Brian is a bright and creative individual, who needed a space to cultivate his talents.

While he had grown up, the boy-man collection of furniture was holding him back. What we replaced was minimal, but completely transformative.

His record collection now proudly displayed, a workspace that gives him space to explore his creative interests, and a DJ-worthy space for his amp and turntables refined his living space. He now sleeps on luxury sheets (found a great discount!) with a seersucker duvet, under soft low-light. His closet now proudly displays his creative pursuits and reps his alma mater. I built the shelves housing his record display which saved him a near $300.

What's even better: this whole transformation cost $1000, and had a total of $1300 in savings!

I love hunting for a great deal so I can pass those savings onto my client.  

Check out the before and afters below. \