My main objective is to make you feel your best, whether that's welcome in your own home, surrounded by positive influences, or to step into your own greatness through coaching. For me, interior design reflects externally what we are feeling internally. It tells the story of how we are care-taking for our selves, visible to those invited in. 

Take a look around your room, apartment or home. Pretend you don't know the people who live there.

What do you see? What are your impressions of them? 

Now, is it accurate? Were you able to understand their story? 

I particularly enjoy working with people in their 20s and 30s who are living their 'adult' lives. Perhaps you have a job you are stoked about, (maybe) using that degree you've earned. Perhaps you have moved with the same roommates from college, graduating from the frat to your digs. And unfortunately, maybe your condo/apartment/house looks like such. 

I am here to tell you it is absolutely affordable to translate your accomplishments into a space that is a positive reflection of you (and your roomies or family). 

↓  If your room looks like this...

When it could look like this  

It's time to give me a call.




An interior design consultation for whatever the residence from a bedroom in shared housing, to roommates getting together to pull it together, to a condo, to a home is complimentary (a $150 value). Most residential consultations can be completed in 1-2 hours. Your consultation includes the following:

  • An introductory consultation: You'll receive a questionnaire and we will discuss what your intentions and goals are for the space. This meeting will include discussing any other factors such as roommates, contract stipulations (if it's a rental), and learning about your style and vision.
  • A follow-up consultation and walk-through with full discussion of remedies, scope, and personalized suggestions.
  • A proposed budget (always negotiable) and timeframe
  • Sketch renderings of vision
  • 30-days of post-consultation support including questions answered via phone or email.


My rates are determined by an hourly rate of $45 and you'll have a complete budget and estimate as discussed during consultation. As an interior designer, I have access to the best resources which saves YOU money. Once we decide the budget for the project, you will know exactly what to expect. The benefit of this method is that there is complete transparency between you and me--including where your money is going and my time.  This empowers me to seek the lowest possible cost, and you will share in that low cost. I will draft an agreement letter that explains the agreed upon budget and timeline.  I am here to support you and make this an affordable transformation.

I also ensure that the space is even better than when I found it by offering professional cleaning services. 

For home organization, the quote is dependent on size and scale of the clean-up and is discussed at the follow-up consultation. 


I work around your schedule, and you can be as involved as you would like to be. I provide a detailed invoice which includes itemization of everything provided and your savings. I will acquire and organize everything necessary to set-up with minimal impact on your schedule. 


  • A detailed questionnaire provided by Hammer Designs
  • Any photo inspirations, no matter how abstract
  • Readiness to be the hero of your story




I offer flat rates for using existing furnishings to maximize potential for sellers. Staging makes a big impact and increases perceived value in the home. Free consultations also offered, quote will be provided following. 



Want to bring in the spirit of the seasons to refresh your home or small business? By adding a seasonal refresh for your business you're able to welcome customers into a welcoming environment. Set the tone for good conversation and socializing.