"I turned 40 this year...I've been thinking about transformation and follow through and examining what I'm holding on to that I can't let go of and ways I can move forward lighter and happier."




West Seattle Living Room

When Ginger approached me for her redesign, I was honored because she was the first boss I had after college. She helped me grow and transform in ways that made me feel appreciated and valued. I always felt like I flourished there because of her excellent management. 

Ginger contacted me because she was impressed with the transformations I posted on social media. Since she had a major milestone this year, reaching a new decade, she had taken strides to update her condo with her. She had tackled the kitchen, upgrading the cabinets. However, the living room was still not quite there. She made the right decision and gave me a call. 

"I want it to be comfortable and inviting to friends. To be uncluttered but also showcase the things I love – to make it easy to pick up my hobbies instead of my phone…"

I met Ginger at her home and her intention was to create a warm, comfortable, inviting space. What I saw (below) was a floor plan that underutilized the space, traversing the nooks and crannies made the room feel a lot smaller and did not provide Ginger the ability to comfortably do her hobbies, like sewing and playing cello. In interior design we can this 'harmony' and 'function'. Function is the purpose of the room, and what activities are done there. Harmony is the flow of how it all balances, blends, and creates an ease-y feeling. It's the piece that says "this feels good."  My intention was to redesign this space so that she had the versatility to do all the things she enjoys, and have a comfortable place to rest and recharge. The first step was to give her a challenge to pair down the excess. 



Working with Ginger was wonderful because she was willing to trust the process. She went through old books, tapes, cds, crafts, and the gamut to help reduce the noise of the space. Then, she and I picked a paint color that would compliment and balance the rich purple accent and uplifting dragon green of the entry way. We picked "Ice Jam", a cool, blue-hued gray that seems to dance in all the different light. I kept the original color to accent the fireplace. The saying is true: "Paint makes a world of difference."

Since this project for Ginger was about stepping confidently into her transformation, I wanted to include important memories of all her adventures and journeys. She is an avid hiker and outdoorswoman, and spends time in her native Kansas visiting her brother and his family. To capture this beautiful essence of who she is, I wanted to integrate her photography and meaningful memories in a gallery wall. Ginger is a great photographer and her journeys with her friends are close to heart, so a gallery wall neatly curated all of the meaningful experiences. 

The final step of this transformation was to reconfigure the space to allow her to comfortably use the space. We decided to integrate her existing furniture to save on budgetary considerations, and to enhance the space with a new chair that doubles for playing cello and a hang out of her cat, Tyler. I mounted her tv to visually streamline the space. This allows her to adjust the angle while reclining on the sofa and to be able to swing it to watch while in the kitchen. The space transformed and uplifted radically with these last few enhancements.

What you can see below is a living room of an interesting adult woman who has always been an adventurer. A living room fit for a woman who is curious, refined, and welcoming. She is celebrating this final transformation with a Poetry Slam Party, and she tells me the living room is perfect for the cozy autumn evenings.

Check out the before and after.