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I am a Empathic Master Coach, Crystal Sage, and Intuitive Interior Designer, based in Seattle. 

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Upcoming Events & Workshops


Rock On!: An Introduction to Rocks, Stones, and Crystals
January 23rd, 2015 6:30-8:30pm at Seattle Life Coach Training
650 S Orcas St Seattle, WA 98108

Crystals are more than just beautiful. As all things carry a vibration, crystals are powerful instruments to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual clarity and energetic healing when used intentionally by people or in our spaces. In this workshop you will learn:

*A brief history of how and why crystals have been used
*How to feel crystal energy
*How to choose the right crystal for YOU
*What types of stones and crystals are useful in situations
*How and why we should charge and cleanse crystals

Workshop is $50 for this 2-hour class, including a $10 credit towards the purchase of your new rock friend. Space is limited, don't miss this opportunity to learn more about how crystals can help you reach your goals!



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