New Moon Eclipse in Cancer

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Ya feel me? Happy #newmooneclipse in Cancer !! What have you been feeling? There’s some major celestial energy behind this eclipse with opportunity to connect to out of this world energies. It’s also quite sensitive and maternal.

Keywords: excavation, reconciliation, nurturing, discovery, unlocking

What to rock: pink amethyst, rose quartz, moonstone, & larvikite

Questions: What questions are you making that empower you? 

Where are the emotional dam leaks? Where is your energy going that is NOT in alignment with you anymore?

To Consider: what would leading from the heart, as opposed to exclusively the head, look like? 

Eclipses and Broken Crystals


Over the last couple of years, I have noticed a trend in this crystal community as well as with others in the larger crystal healing community, that there seems to be a correlation between eclipses and crystals breaking.

Here's my take. It's unique, and one that I believe should be reassuring.

When crystals break, go missing, chip, etc. it is because they have a had a surge of energy. This can mean something as common as dropping it (obviously force + velocity), but I feel like there's also additional celestial energy of which eclipses DEFINITELY fit this bill.

Yesterday, someone on my FB feed talked about unusually low tides in WA state--well when we have something like the earth or the sun literally eclipsing the moon, the gravitational waves which we can't see (and can now measure--thanks LIGO!) are being interfered with it disorders the regular vibrational waves Earth receives from that celestial object.

Think about it: if you block or interrupt the force of something it's going to effect the impact.

Humans are incredibly powerful--much more than we give ourselves credit for--and we often have energy through emotions, physical entropy, our past, our mental faculties, all have an effect on the energy around us.

Have you ever walked into a room and sensed physical discomfort even though people have big ol' fake smiles on?

That's an example of the energy not being congruent with the facade. That stifling of authentic or genuine emotion manifests physically! And we ALL know it!

It's the physical manifestation of "I'm fine," said with pursed lips.

When you work with crystals, your own energy intertwines and starts to weave with your mineral. The vibrations of what that crystal is stimulating is interacting with your body, mind, heart, and soul.

That crystal adjusts your own energy to harmonize with whatever lesson, energy, or experience your crystal is syncing with.

As you start to evolve and grow as a result of that crystal, your own frequencies start to change too and it can cause them to break.

I know it can be devastating as I have actually cried when my crystals have changed.

rainbow tears.jpg

HOWEVER, I want to share the goodness in what this means.

Your crystal isn't "done." You can still work with it, it's still as powerful, it's just undergone a physical transformation.

What I like to do is recognize how much that crystal has given me, and to thank it for being my companion and teacher.

And, I always recommend cleansing it and gifting the broken piece—maybe this is one to share with your partner or a friend? It pays the gratitude forward and spreads even more crystalline vibrations in the world.

I have noticed with eclipse energies or other tight celestial transits will create a bit more of a susceptibility, but it is also the case when you very first start to work with crystals.

Your own energy has been out of whack until you received that crystal and that crystal has been in overdrive to help course correct and lend itself to you. That's worthy of gratitude and praise for you both. It's the purest and most innocent form of empathy.

Thank you for doing YOUR work: to be open, to receiving, to allowing the crystal to do its thing.

Thank you to your crystal for being present, and for continuing to bring your gifts to this moment in time.

Don't dismay! This is a powerful lesson from the crystalline kingdom that we all must learn (earlier, perhaps the better?):

It's a moment to recognize the gifts of transformation. The gift of mineral assistance. A moment to truly appreciate what the crystal gives you.

When the edge that broke is a bit more rough: touch it. Rub your fingers on it carefully.

Warm your hands on the edges. Soften them, as the crystal has softened you with more love and kindness.

I know it can be a fucking bummer, and I ask that you don't cast your rock friend aside but welcome it's new form with even more love and gentleness and spread that broken piece to others with immense gratitude to a friend, a partner, or a plant. (Plants LOVE crystals!)

Honestly, when a crystal breaks, I think they're more beautiful because of the gifts they've shared.

New Moon in Capricorn Jan 2018

Welcome to the first New Moon of 2018

    Clockwise from Top Left: Pluto, Persephone, Petrified Wood, Gold, Bear, Labyrinth, Red Coral, Mountain Goat. 


Clockwise from Top Left: Pluto, Persephone, Petrified Wood, Gold, Bear, Labyrinth, Red Coral, Mountain Goat. 

This New Moon is packed with energy as there are other planets lending their own energies to the darkness of this moon cycle. I am feeling drawn to earthly energies and the root chakra. It makes sense since Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. With the start of Capricorn so close to the Winter Solstice, this sign actually signals a return to light as days expand and get longer. What this represents is the effort of our own work in transformation revealed more easily as light returns to illuminate our shadows.

The other planets along for the Capricorn journey right now are Pluto, Saturn, and Venus. What a trio! Saturn, while in other signs, can feel disruptive as it likes to test our patience and the foundations we lay for ourselves. This planet just made its move into this sign and is parked here until 2020. It's a natural fit for Capricorn as its natural ruler. The energies Saturn brings to this new moon and what it encourages the embrace of is our own hard work, acknowledgement for the growth we created and the routines which sustain us. Capricorn and Virgo are arguably the most hard working of the zodiac, but with Capricorn there is a learned discipline. While Virgo strives for perfection and reaping the rewards of their labor, Caps take this a step further, daring to traverse more difficult landscapes in search of stronger stability. There's a reason why Capricorn is associated with the mountain goat, who's steady feet carry them higher up nearly impossible conditions--it's because they trust their own efforts and know the destination is worth the journey. Which brings us to the possibility Pluto invokes in this sign.

Pluto in Capricorn isn't uncomfortable as there is a duality of light and darkness. Pluto, the god of the Underworld, is comfortable in the discomfort and darkness. What Pluto teaches us here is that we can ascend after descent. In the myth of Persephone, Hades (Pluto), the God of the Underworld, fell in love with Persephone, the Goddess of Nature. One of the few times he ascended from the Underworld was to pursue her. Zeus made an agreement to promise his brother Persephone. Unbeknownst to Demeter, her mother, Zeus made a spell to enchant a Narcissus flower, knowing that Persephone would collect the flowers. When Persephone picked the flower she fell into the Underworld to the awaiting arms of her betrothed. Demeter scoured the Earth looking for her daughter. She confronted her brother, Zeus, and finally he admitted Persephone's whereabouts. Distraught, she begged Hades to allow Persephone to return to the Earth, and he eventually agreed, but on the condition that Persephone eat the seeds of the pomegranate, forever binding Persephone to her captor. The agreement was that for four months out of the year, Persephone could return to the Earth to be with her mother. On her ascension, the Goddess of Nature and Fertility returns through Earth's layers with fertility, a return of feminine, and thus the beginning of Spring and Light and Warmth. There's a reason why the Underworld is both described as a cold and miserable place as well as a hot and miserable place throughout various belief systems. They're extremes and an imbalance for the Earth which makes our perception unpleasant of that place (to say the least). What's brilliant about this new moon is its similar return to light, earth, and ascension, and is marked by a Total Lunar Eclipse at the full moon in Leo on 1/31 and the pagan holiday, Imbolc Feb. 1-2, which marks the midpoint of winter and return of nurtured life. 

I should mention Persephone fell in love with Hades. She is comfortable being in his underworld. This duality is between death and growth is clear as she ascends and descends, marking the end of the year (cycle) and the beginning of the new one. Isn't this the reconciliation we face for this time of year? The unification and acceptance as darkness as valuable rather than simply glossing over it for light. I am sure this theme between unification of dark and light, Divine Masculine and Feminine will persist throughout this year. I feel that with a fire based moon in Leo, we are determining who we wish to emerge as, who am I within that deserves to be acknowledge in the world?

This dark to light renewal energy reminds me of what a labyrinth is about, a symbolic journey to the heart and connection, to exit with a renewed understanding and objective understanding. That's why we these features in churches and spiritual places. A labyrinth is different than a maze because it doesn't intend to trick you or get you stuck. Rather, they are a meditative tool that through walking while ruminating a problem or experience you are having, your journey through the labyrinth is to go inward, understand its value and the many facets of what you are experiencing, from the center, your rebirth is guide through a single path to clarity. Capricorn new moon with its planetary neighbors invite you to walk into understanding and to emerge in spring. Take action and compassion to your emotional hang ups. Now is the time to get clear on what you want for this year.

Crystals to Rock:
Red Coral: 
created from the shells of sea dwellers, red coral is feminine and represents fertility, life, and groundedness. It aids depression and allows an understanding to our emotions. Perfect for this time of year as we ease out of darkness.
Gold: a masculine metal, gold signifies the riches of our work, the symbol of our actions. It's brilliant color stimulates our energy and to take action--like springing forward.
Petrified Wood: So, this is a funny one to me to include because it's so earthly. Again, I am craving such earth based wisdom and connection to this moon.