Spring Re-NEW YOU Crystal Kit

Spring Re-NEW YOU Crystal Kit, $45
Spring Re-NEW YOU Crystal Kit, $45

Spring Re-NEW YOU Crystal Kit


Spring is right around the corner, and I want you to come out of winter looking and feeling your absolute best! You will get these 7 stones, a personal weekly reflection prompt from me, and 24/7 support via email and/or text for 7 weeks while you work with these stones. Trust me between the revelations and synchronicities, you'll want someone to "rock out" with you!

These magnificent seven stones were carefully selected so that you can get in touch with your Highest Self, and step into Spring renewed. Specifically chosen because of their high quality harmonization with one another and their capacity to align you to your Highest Self.

Back row: Seraphinite, Black Tourmaline in Quartz, Charoite, Malachite

Front Row: Rose Quartz, Fluorite. and Lemurian Seed

Here's what you'll get in this DIVINE kit:

Tourmaline Quartz: Black Tourmaline is my go-to must have for the self and home because of its powerful grounding and protection properties. Sometimes referred to as an "energy vacuum" this stone helps you to stay present and cut through any BS that's around you--whether that's someone else's bad attitude or your own. It transmutes the negative energy into positive, and the benefit of it in quartz is that these properties are amplified. Similarly, the quartz works to amplify the energy of the other stones in this kit, and the tourmaline keeps it from feeling like its too much.

Fluorite: Fluorite is a mental clarity stone. This time of year can feel like it drags as we shift between the low vibration Winter to high vibration Spring. Fluorite will help you stay sharp and focused on what you want to do and create. It helps prevent mental fog, and can aid decision making. Have a decision to make soon? This is the stone to help you find that peace of mind and conviction to make the decision that will best serve you.

Rose Quartz: This stone is a must have for any renewal process because it is the heart stone. Reminding you of your beautiful capacity to love and be connected to All-That-Is. One of my favorite properties about Rose Quartz is its ability to care for the heart and reminder what our Truth is. How do you want to experience love? Is it self love? Is it finding the right person? Rose Quartz dusts off the hibernation cobwebs and helps you discern where there is opportunity to be, give, and receive love in your life. While it may sound like it packs a punch--and it does--it is has a sweet and calm energy.

Charoite: This is definitely a stone you want for renewal because Charoite helps to release old fears and patterns of imbalance. This stone helps identify and break down the walls of negativity that keep us stuck in the same place. Charoite can also help identify where we need to do a little more work and the most direct route to healing that area. It holds you accountable, and by working with it, Charoite will reward you by revealing what your highest path of service is and increase the ever wonderful synchronicities in your life. 

Malachite: Malachite is a rich and luscious heart stone that brings in good luck and is a wonderful ally. It is a powerful protection stone that helps guard you from energy vampires (You know those people who just drain you...) and other forms of psychic attack. It helps you stay emotionally balanced, and if you're a type of person who tends to take on emotional baggage of others, this stone will help teach you how and where to put up those healthy boundaries. Malachite is included specifically because of its protective qualities, especially when you are working on your renewal.

Seraphinite: I love seraphinite! It is a high-vibration stone that brings in all elements of your Mind, Body, and Soul into alignment. While rocking seraphinite in a pocket or your personal space, it fills the entire auric field with the vibration of wholeness. I believe you are already whole and complete just as you are, and this stone will help you truly feel and believe it too. Seraphinite will help guide you rapidly in your own evolution--learning and growing more into your Highest and best Self. 

Lemurian Seed Crystal: Lemurian Seed crystals are infused with the ancient power of Lemuria, a civilization deeply advanced in heart-centered awareness and consciousness. These stones carry this energy forward which helps you remember and rediscover your soul. As other stones are clearing and cleansing your heart, mind, and spirit, Lemurian Seed helps bring all the work you are doing into alignment, demonstrating your incredible power to cocreate your own reality with every thought, word, and deed. This awareness will teach you that holding positive thoughts for the outer world is amazing, and there's even more potential when you bring this way of being deep into your inner awareness. It is the ultimate stone to help you be present in the moment and attend to your own personal transformation!


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