Smokin' History: Cannabis

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Smokin' History: Cannabis


July 19th at 5pm 


July 26th at 5pm

Cortona Cafe: 2425 E Union

Seating is limited.

In honor of Orlando, 20% of all ticket sales will go to local LGBTQ charities.

In this 1.25 hour workshop you will learn the fascinating, honorable, sometimes tawdry history of cannabis, including:

  • Earliest uses and understanding of cannabis--do we know more or less than they did?!

  • Landrace strains: why you should care about the oldest cultivated strains and their origins

  • How geography favors Sativas vs. Indicas, and how that influenced the cannabis experience for humans

  • Bring your questions!


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Tiffany C. Hammer is a historian, life coach, and professional cannaseur (cannabis connoisseur). Tiffany graduated cum laude from Seattle University with Departmental Honors in History and Spanish in 2007, and has a post-Baccalaureate degree in Latin. She is currently a highly sought after transformational life coach, and is well-known in the cannabis community for her straight-forward, engaging, and enlightening understanding of this complex plant. Always up for an opportunity to smile or laugh, Tiffany loves fostering authenticity and connection and strives to make others feel comfortable to sparkle! You can meet her at Ponder or visit her online at