New Moon Salon

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Photo May 04, 10 28 05 AM.png

New Moon Salon

from 11.00

Every month the New Moon salon honors the power of ritual and tradition. As the moon begins its journey each month, it offers a symbolic time to honor what is pulling our own fluid and dynamic tides. It's a splendid time to nurture the seeds of our new beginnings on whatever level that means for you: emotionally, physically, spiritually--psychically?? The New Moon Salon is a sacred space to "go there" and get real about what you're feeling!

Facilitated by Master Life Coach Tiffany C. Hammer, the New Moon Salon is a two hour connection session in Seattle, that honors the voice inside of us who wants to dance in the magical Divine Mystery each month. This Divine Mystery speaks to our intuition and spiritual sense of Knowing. 

So, bring your journal, crystals and rocks, your favorite tarot cards, or any other sacred object that speaks to You and your Highest Self. In offering this voice to speak during the course of the Salon, I invite you to find clarity in your own Inner Knowing.

Tickets are $11 and seating is limited. 


The New Moon Salon and other workshops have seating limitations and therefore are through presale only. Tickets are non-refundable, unless cancelled by host. 

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