If you found me, chances are you are ready for something new.


I believe we should live our lives authentically, and we know when something is off. This source of discomfort becomes present in our day-to-day lives, soon enough the signs pile up and we have to face that something has got to change. 

For energy healing, I use my background in interior design, spiritual life coaching, and crystal healing. What all of these modalities have in common is my ability to help translate what you are feeling and create space for you to feel in alignment again. Have you ever walked into a room and it felt off? That's the energy that needs to move--and that foggy feeling can manifest any where! 

I welcome you to take a look at the various sections of this website. I consider these areas of my professional acumen separate, yet cohesively crystal healing, coaching, and decorating all help to reconnect you to what you want in life and heal what is no longer necessary.

Intuition is the key for conjuring the magic to make change happen!