Life coaching

I believe in progress and magic. I am described as vibrant, refreshing, and powerful. If you want to do the work to move forward, connect to your intuition and voice, then I am your coach. 

I am highly intuitive and empathic, which allows me to hold sacred space for you to identify and clear out what's dulling your sparkle. I work with men and women who want to experience clarity through uncertainty to create powerful transformation in their lives. You already know the answers, I am here to help you conjure them into reality. 

If you want to feel happier and more connected in your life with relationships, profession, friendships, spirituality--I am here to help you align to your best, lightest and sparkliest self so that you can move forward and accomplish your goals!

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Vision Board Workshop

Feeling lost or unsure of where your life is going? Find direction and understanding with what you want in life! Inspired by Danielle LaPorte's The Desire Map and traditional Feng Shui principles, these workshops help to transform your current narrative and find direction for the life you deserve. I offer workshops for up to 6 people. I can come to you and all materials are included. Get clear about how you want to feel and the Universe will respond! Classes are 3-4 hours long and $50 per person or $250 for 6 people, and can include a meditation. 

Tarot and Oracle Reading

Want to dig further for answers to a feeling or nagging question? Oracle cards and tarot offer profound and insightful, at times mystical, language to shed clarity. Since childhood, I have explored my world through symbolism and signs which saturate the meaning of these cards. A reading will connect you to your intuition and Divine guidance while revealing hidden obstacles and advice.  The Universe seeks to commune. Readings are approximately 60-75minutes and $90. Express reading (3 card spread) 20min for $30. Always complimentary: 1 card draw.

If you have additional questions, always feel free to reach out to me. I'd love to start a conversation!