Choose to be happier, allow your Story to transform.


My name is Tiffany C. Hammer and I am a Master Transformational Life Coach, who works with individuals who are in the midst of transformation (whether they chose it or not) or those who are craving change. 

I seriously love my job. Each day, I get to teach men and women how to create positive change, and to connect authentically. To create progress, we must allow ourselves to find our own brand of authenticity. I am often called refreshing and that means the highest compliment to me because it means I am living my life with authenticity. 

I work with men and women who want transformation and have stories they are ready to change. Professionally, I work with people that have had histories of depression, anxiety, traumatic brain injuries, and eating disorder/disordered eating. I know these stories well because I have lived through all of them, as well as seen the profound breakthroughs and shifts when my clients interrupt their stories and start writing their own. In doing so, they choose happiness.

To live life with your radiance and passion magnetizing profound opportunities that narrates an amazing story for yourself, you get to step up to the drawing board to rewrite and edit the stories that hold you in fear and stagnancy. 

How would you feel to wake up every day looking forward to your job or the people in your life? How would you feel to be 100% confident and rid yourself of casual social anxiety? What would happen if you felt connected to yourself in the present, radiating all of your positive gifts you share? What impact would this change in narrative have in your life?

I want you to be your happiest. Encourage deeper connections with your own self, intuition and others. and to live a life full of joy and abundance, illuminated by your light.

I will work with you to change your energy and create powerful transformations in your life. It is my intention for you to find more depth, clarity, fulfillment, and to overcome fear and the stories which are holding you back. More bliss and a renewed connection to your spirit.  

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